What Are the Uses of 20 Mule Team Borax?


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According to The Dial Corporation, the manufacturer of 20 Mule Team borax, this naturally-occurring substance has a multitude of uses within the household. Cleaning laundry, shining stainless steel and deep-cleaning carpet are just a few of the chores 20 Mule Team borax can tackle.

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Originally, borax was marketed as a wonder substance. The Dial Corporation states that consumers used it as a digestive aid, milk sweetener and a cure for diseases, such as epilepsy. These uses are no longer practiced, but 20 Mule Team borax is still used as a cleaner, detergent, degreaser and odor-absorber. Since its discovery, consumers have found innovative and safe uses for borax, including a soaking solution that reduces the smoke produced by burning candle wicks, a preservative for fresh flowers, a spray that reduces pet odors, a fun project to create decorative borax 'formations' and a way to inhibit bacterial growth on toilet brushes.

The Dial Corporation reports that borax's chemical name is sodium tetraborate, which is a naturally occurring substance. Borax is a by-product of the yearly evaporation of seasonal lakes and is mined from the dry lake beds. Before being sold to consumers, 20 Mule Team borax is washed to ensure a 99.5 percent pure product.

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