What Uses Are There for 10-Foot Power Cords?


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Ten-foot power cords provide flexibility and versatility when planning computer and media work areas. Power cords that are rated to carry power from surge protection strips to the devices themselves, allowing them to be placed further away from the strips when necessary.

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One growing trend in office furniture is the standing desk, given the health risks that spending hours at a time seated at a computer has for workers. However, that sort of work station can create challenges when it comes to wiring a computer, monitor, printer and other peripherals. A 10-foot cord provides more flexibility for running cords down to the surge protection strip.

It is important to choose wires that are suitable for handling higher power loads. A gauge of 14 AWG is often necessary for connecting a PC or other device to the power source without damaging either the wire or the device. If a device already has a power cord connecting it to the surge protector strip, then adding another heavy-duty 10-foot cord provides even more flexibility. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize the use of surge strip and power outlets. For concerns about electrical load in a particular outlet or on a circuit, it is best to talk to a professional electrician.

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