What Are Some Uses for a 1-Gallon Container?


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One-gallon containers can be recycled and repurposed into helpful tools, fun projects and attractive decorations, such as 1-gallon jug igloos, bird feeders, kitty litter or planting soil scoops, Jack-O-Lanterns and coin banks. One-gallon containers make good storage for office objects, such as pencils and pens, and organizers for small items in the refrigerator.

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A fun project for kids and adults alike is the 1-gallon jug igloo, which can be made by collecting a large quantity of milk, juice or water jugs and securing them together into an igloo shape using glue or other adhesives. Crafting some fun masks is another good way to recycle 1-gallon plastic containers. Cut the shapes that make up the design from the plastic containers, and glue or tie them together. Decorate them with paint, glitter, feathers or fabric to make eye-catching pieces of art.

For a tarp, grill cover or lightweight piece of outdoor furniture that won't stay put in windy conditions, fill a 1-gallon plastic container with sand or water, and tie it to the offending cover or piece of furniture. Another idea is to cut off the bottom of a 1-gallon plastic container and remove the cap to create a funnel and prevent spillage. Cap it off to stop accidental over-filling, and return the unused portion to its original container.

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