What Are Some Useful Materials for Kitchen Wall Decor?


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There are a number of useful materials for kitchen wall decor including frames, wooden kitchen utensils, plates, wine corks, wooden cutting boards and decorative napkins. These basic materials can be used as the basis for a number of creative and personal kitchen wall decor projects.

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One idea for using these basic materials is to create a dimensional image for a frame and hang it on a wall within the kitchen. The dimensional image can be made by taking a piece of canvas or posterboard and attaching napkins in the shape of a kitchen item such as a teapot or a plate. Once these cut-out napkin pieces are attached to the canvas or posterboard, it can be placed within a frame.

Another idea is to take wooden cutting boards and paint them with favorite sayings or quotes and hang them up on the kitchen wall. This is a great way to add a touch of personality to the kitchen. Small images such as flowers, teapots, forks or spoons can also be painted onto the wooden cutting boards around the quotes or sayings.

Another idea would be to take wine corks and arrange them into a shape such as a heart or a spoon. The corks can also be dyed to create a range of beautiful colors. Glue can help keep the corks together and create a unique kitchen wall decor item.

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