What Are Some Useful Household Hints From Heloise?

What Are Some Useful Household Hints From Heloise?

The Heloise website includes a page with a long list of hints on controlling bugs in the home, making cleaning agents, removing stains, cleaning silver and using microfiber cloths. The page has a section with questions most frequently asked of her about cleaning, stains and odors.

To clean odors in a dishwasher, Heloise says to allow 1 gallon of vinegar to remain in the dishwasher for an hour, and then run the machine for one cycle. Alternatively, citric acid powder can be used to remove odors and build-up of hard water. Add 1/2 cup of the powder and run the dishwasher through a cycle. If there is still an unpleasant odor, check the drain hose for crimps.

If a child draws with crayon on the walls, apply dry-cleaning solvent on a terry-cloth towel. Almost any surface can be cleaned of crayon except antique wallpaper.

To clean the bathtub, Heloise recommends using cheap hair shampoo and a scrub brush. Vinegar also does the job, but should not be used on marble.

Perspiration stains on clothing can be dissolved with vinegar. Blood stains usually come out by soaking the clothing in cold water for a half hour. If that doesn't work, add meat tenderizer to the cold water. Dab lipstick stains off clothing with isopropyl alcohol.