What Are Some Useful Fairy Garden Supplies?


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Essential supplies for a fairy garden include a container, potting soil, moss, plants and a home for the sprite. The remaining accessories depend on the designer’s aesthetic and may include landscaping elements, such as stones, pebbles, sand, tree stumps and ponds. Other decor items, such as furniture, fencing, bridges and signs, create the look of a fairy’s fantastical home and play space.

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Almost any outdoor-friendly container is suitable for a fairy garden, and many people choose a household item they already have, such as a basket, planter, pot, jar or crate. The container must be filled with potting soil, and the designer can plot out where to embed landscaping elements, such as faux streams and step-stone walkways. Moss creates the appearance of grass or overgrowth on trees and buildings. Popular plants and foliage include succulents, miniature evergreens and creeping thyme.

The most important item is the house, which may be homemade or prefabricated. Cottage-style homes with integrated nature elements are the most common, but themed designs often include creative shelters, such as a watering can, miniature castle or log cabin. Many stores sell a wide variety of prefabricated miniatures for decorating the fairy’s garden, including chairs, archways, umbrellas and lawn ornaments. Colorful toadstools and fairy figurines add a whimsical touch to the finished garden.

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