What Is Some Useful Advice on Buying a Snow Blower?


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When buying a snow blower, consider the different types of snow blowers, know what the special features are and don't choose based on size alone. Also be wary of sales pitches when shopping for them, and don't limit your selection to only the most expensive brands.

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Types of snow blowers include single-stage electric, single-stage gas and two-stage gas. Single-stage electric snow blowers are better for short, level driveways. This type works by using a plastic auger that pulls in the snow and throws it back out a chute, creating a pathway on the driveway. A single-stage gas snow blower avoids having a cord in the way. Two-stage gas snow blowers not only throw the snow, but have a fan that blows the snow. This type is useful for long, wide driveways.

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