Are Used Refrigerators Less Expensive Than New Refrigerators?


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A used refrigerator normally costs only a fraction of the cost of a new one and can serve well for many years. The drawbacks to buying used are the lack of any warranty and possible higher energy costs.

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Are Used Refrigerators Less Expensive Than New Refrigerators?
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Refrigerators are long-lived appliances that need few repairs, making them one of the better values in the used appliance market. To determine a fair price for a used refrigerator, find out what the refrigerator costs when new and what its expected repair-free life span is. Divide the price by the life span, then multiply the result by the age of the used model in years and subtract from the initial price to get the fair value.

New floor models, refrigerators with surface damage or refurbished models can be a good alternative to used models. They are often steeply discounted from brand new and may come with a warranty. Holidays are usually the best time to find these deals.

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