How Do You Find Used Range Hoods? and eBay are two retailers that sell used range hoods. offers used range hoods at set prices, while eBay offers the option to bid on used range hoods or purchase them at a set price.

The purpose of a range hood is to provide ventilation while cooking. A range hood connected to an exhaust duct removes heat, steam, smoke and smells from the kitchen, while a non-ducted range hood recirculates the air throughout the kitchen. When choosing a range hood that connects to a duct, it's important to ensure that the range hood matches the measurements of the ducting system to ensure proper performance and efficiency.

Air flow output, which is measured in cubic feet per minute, is an important factor to consider when choosing a range hood. For a kitchen with an electric stovetop, a range hood output of 150 to 300 cubic feet per minute is recommended. To determine the appropriate range hood output for a kitchen with a gas-powered stove, take the total BTU output of the stove, and divide the number by 100.

The height of the range hood is also important to consider. The farther away the range hood is from the cooktop, the less efficient it is. As the distance from the cooktop to the range hood increases, choose a range hood with a wider width and higher air flow output for increased performance.