Where Are Used Hobart Mixers Sold Online?

Where Are Used Hobart Mixers Sold Online?

Used Hobart mixers are sold online through various sources, including Ebay, BakeDeco.com and Bid-On-Equipment.com, as of 2015. Additional online locations for buying used Hobart mixers can be found by utilizing a website search.

Hobart offers a variety of mixers primarily geared toward commercial use. Hobart mixers are well-known in the food service and food retail industry. The types of mixers offered by Hobart include 5-quart, counter-top, floor, pizza maker and spiral models.

Hobart 5-quart mixers feature a 1/6-horsepower fixed-speed motor, three fixed speeds and large controls designed for easy accessibility.

A Hobart counter-top mixer has a quick-releasing agitator, exclusive swing-out bowl and the capability to switch speeds at any time. These mixers are available in a 12- or 20-quart capacity.

Features of a Hobart floor mixer include a precise mixing timer, exclusive swing-out bowl, the technology to switch speeds at any time and a powerful bowl-lifting capability. This mixer has been tested for durability under harsh conditions by the Hobart Technical center. The available sizes are 30, 40, 60, 80 and 140 quarts.

Hobart manufactures mixers specifically for creating pizza dough. These mixers have a 2.7-horsepower variable-speed motor, two fixed speeds, a swing-out bowl and the ability to recall the last time set for each speed. Additionally, its major components have been tested for dependability.

Hobart spiral mixers are crafted for the dough needs of bakeries, commissaries and large pizzerias. They are available with 180- or 220-pound bowls, and feature two speeds, efficient mixing, programmable controls and a safety cover.