Are Used GE Refrigerators Dependable?


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While the dependability and quality of a used refrigerator varies depending on its usage history, GE refrigerators are generally considered dependable, according to November 2014 research by ConsumerReports.org. When looking for a used refrigerator, one should always inspect the model for cosmetic and structural issues before making a purchase.

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Regardless of the manufacturer, the dependability of a used refrigerator relies heavily on the degree with which it was used by its previous owners. Over time every refrigerator experiences a normal amount of wear and tear resulting from everyday use, though in some cases heavy use over a long period of time or short bursts of abuse can lead to major issues. For example, if the previous owner of a GE refrigerator used excessive force to close the doors it can result in cracked seals and loose hinges, even if they were well-made to begin with.

Anyone buying a used refrigerator should examine the unit in person to evaluate its condition prior to buying. Many private sellers allow buyers to inspect models, though the unit is often placed inside a home or in a garage. Dealers selling used GE refrigerators typically have the units plugged in already or in an area that has access to the appropriate electrical outlets.

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