Are used garage doors cheap?


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The price of a used garage door depends on its condition and its material, but some can cost nearly the same amount as new doors, especially wood doors. Buyers can often find good deals on doors made from aluminum or that are no longer in style.

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Garage doors are relatively simple and are designed with durability in mind, but their ability to retain value largely depends on what material they're made from. Wood doors are some of the most expensive due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to withstand temperature changes. Wood garage doors that have been restained or otherwise restored might cost as much as newer doors, but buyers can sometimes find unrestored doors at a significant discount.

Aluminum garage doors are generally durable, and they're generally coated to prevent damage and wear. However, they lack the prestige of wood doors, and popular styles change over time. As a result, buyers might be able to find doors in good condition at a discount. In addition, homeowners sometimes sell doors with relatively minor damage when upgrading their homes. Dents and other problems with aluminum doors are often relatively simple fixes, so homeowners willing to perform their own repair work or hire a handyman can sometimes find great deals on doors, especially if they're willing to provide transportation.

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