What Is Used in Cleaning the Exterior Vents of a Home?


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A refrigerator coil brush, a shop vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver are necessary to clean the exterior vents from the home. These generally include vents from the dryer and from vent fans in bathrooms leading to the exterior wall of the house.

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The refrigerator coil brush clean out the lint trap in the dryer. When the lint trap is on the top of the dryer and extends down along the rear of the drum, running the coil brush down in there pulls out excess lint. Following that up with the tube attachment on the shop vacuum cleaner pulls out lint as well.

The screwdriver loosens the collar that holds the flexible metal tubing securely against the duct into the wall. Loosening the collar precedes using the shop vacuum to clean lint out of the metal tubing as well as the duct. Finding the exterior vents from the dryer duct as well as any other accessible vents from bathroom fans allows the homeowner to use the shop vacuum extension to clean out the vents from the outside as well. If a grate sits on the end of the vent to keep birds and other wildlife from climbing inside, removing the grate and cleaning it with the vacuum complete the process.

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