How Do You Use the Woodsmith Box Joint Jig?

How Do You Use the Woodsmith Box Joint Jig?

Use a woodsmith box joint jig by connecting it to a miter gauge. This jig works on any router table or table saw.

The woodsmith box joint jig helps cut box joints from 1/4 inch to 13/16 inch wide and has a secure lock setting to keep it in place. Weighing in at around five pounds, the woodsmith box joint jig has a plastic backing strip to help eliminate chip-out and a micro-adjust feature for accurate cutting. Using one is fast and easy.

  1. Attach the jig to the miter gauge and set it up
  2. After attaching the jig to the miter gauge, raise the router bit to match the thickness of the work piece.

  3. Set the key width
  4. Set the width of the key by cutting a slot in a test piece of wood.

  5. Adjust the spacing
  6. Adjust the spacing between the slots by turning the movable material rest adjustment, making the key one slot width away from the blade. Tighten the key to hold it in place.

  7. Cut the first set of slots
  8. Cut the first slot by butting the wood up against the key. Straddle the key with the first slot to make subsequent cuts.

  9. Flip the wood and repeat
  10. Flip over the wood and cut the slots on the other side using the same procedure outlined above.

  11. Form the mating pins
  12. Finally, form the mating pins by using the first piece of wood as a setup gauge. Butt the edge of the second piece of wood against the edge of the first piece and cut a slot in the mating piece.

  13. Test the fit
  14. Test the fit and trim off any excess wood.