How Do You Use Wood Putty to Repair a Rotted Door Frame?

When repairing a rotted door frame, the rotted wood must first be chiseled away, then the wood putty must be added and then the wood putty must be shaved to match the door jamb. This kind of damage is usually caused from rainwater that rots unsealed wood in the door frame.

The first step in repairing a rotted door frame is to remove the rotted wood. Soft, rotted wood can be removed and scraped away by using a chisel. The rotted wood needs to be removed in its entirety before any wood putty can be added.

Next, an epoxy product should be used in order to strengthen the door jamb. It needs to be brushed on following the instructions on the epoxy product label. Then it needs to dry completely before moving on.

After the epoxy product has dried completely, the wood putty needs to be applied with a putty knife. Once it has hardened into place, a sharp knife can be used to shave it down to so that it matches the door jamb. Home owners can also use fine grain sandpaper to sand the area to achieve a smooth, flush finish. The jamb is then ready to be painted and primed accordingly so that it matches the existing door.