How Do You Use a Weed Eater on the Lawn?

How Do You Use a Weed Eater on the Lawn?

A weed eater, also known as a weed whacker or string trimmer, is a power tool that slices off vegetation with a string that spins at high speeds. Weed eaters are commonly used around the lawn and garden for trimming, detail mowing tasks and creating a manicured look at the edges of larger areas.

  1. Prepare to trim

    For safety, wear eye protection, long pants and long sleeves. Don work boots to protect your feet and heavy gloves to protect your hands. Make sure the weed eater is fully powered. Most models of weed eaters run on gasoline or rechargeable batteries.

  2. Trim around trees and the porch

    Use a weed eater to mow the grass around trees and other areas where a lawn mower cannot go. Keep in mind that a weed eater can take chunks out of cement steps and can damage trees, so be careful to keep the string from actually touching the object you are trimming around. Hold the weed eater 2 or 3 inches above the ground and move it in slow sweeps to mow the grass. If the grass is very tall, start at the top and gradually move downwards towards the ground, removing 3 inches of length at a time.

  3. Edge the lawn

    Hold the weed eater so the line is vertical to the ground at the edge of the lawn where the lawn meets pavement or flower beds. Start the tool according to the manufacturer's instructions. Lower the weed eater until the spinning trimmer is hitting the ground. Slowly move the tool along the edge of the lawn.