How Do You Use a Water Hose Caddy?


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Though the specific operation methods for a water hose caddy vary between styles and brands, most typically involve winding the hose around an internal housing wheel or rod to keep the hose compact when not in use. Some models allow users to automatically wind and unwind the hose, both during spraying and resting periods.

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To begin using a water hose caddy, determine the style and size that best suits your home and needs, such as a wall-mounted device for small areas or a covered caddy for harsh weather conditions. Detach the hose from the wall, ensuring the water is off, and manually insert the faucet end around the core of the caddy. The core varies between units, with some offering a basic wheel around which you must wrap the hose, while others require you to wind the hose in a cylindrical fashion. In either case, ensure there is enough of the faucet end extending from the core to comfortably attach to the wall.

Wrap the house fully around the mechanism, and attach the faucet end to the spout. If the caddy has a casing or cover, return it to the closed position. When you want to use the hose, grab the spraying end, and gently pull outwards. To rewind the hose on manual models, turn the winding crank or wrap the hose back around the core. Automatic models typically feature a button that turns the core for rewrapping.

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