How Do You Use a Washing Machine?


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Use a washing machine by adding detergent, filling the machine with clothes, setting the temperature, selecting the correct cycle and starting the machine. Once you start the machine, it completes the cycle, and your clothes are ready to dry.

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  1. Add the detergent

    Measure the detergent, or choose a premeasured packet. If the machine has a detergent dispenser, add detergent to it. For machines without dispensers, put the detergent in the tub.

  2. Fill the machine

    Sort the clothing into piles of similar colors and fabric types. Most machines have a weight limit, and you should be careful not to add too many clothes. Overloading a machine prevents thorough cleaning of all items.

  3. Select the correct wash temperature

    Read the manufacturer's care label on the clothes to determine the right temperature for washing the items. Washing items at cooler temperatures is acceptable, but do not set the temperature higher than the recommended setting.

  4. Select the correct wash cycle

    Choose a wash cycle according to the recommendations on the care label. Sturdy garments, such as jeans, can withstand a normal wash cycle, but you should select a gentle cycle for delicate fabrics.

  5. Start the machine

    Turn the dial to the start position. Push or pull the knob as appropriate to fill the machine with water. When the cycle ends, move the clothes to the dryer or dry them outdoors.

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