How Do You Use Vinyl Strip Door Kits?


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Vinyl strip doors are often used as secondary barriers that keep noise, wind and dirt out of work spaces or storage areas where the main door is often open. They can be used to increase traffic flow in loading dock areas or warehouse facilities, maintain cold temperatures inside indoor freezers or refrigerated areas, or protect important supplies and delicate equipment from dangerous outdoor weather conditions.

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Vinyl strip doors are sometimes called PVC strip doors because they are commonly made out of overlapping strips of PVC material. Their quick and easy installation process, cheap price and simple maintenance needs have made them a popular choice for many different types of warehouses. Vinyl strip doors are extremely durable, and most brands remain flexible in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Companies like Strip-Curtain and Simplex manufacture smaller and cheaper versions of the larger vinyl strip door kits used in warehouses. These kits are often used by gardeners and home owners to regulate temperature and air quality in a greenhouse, act as a cost-effective substitute for a large porch door, or reduce noise pollution between a workshop and the rest of the house. Refrigerator vinyl strip curtains can also be used in home or industrial cooling areas to reduce heater wear and tear and decrease necessary filter maintenance.

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