How Do You Use a Vinyl Siding Repair Patch?

To use a vinyl siding repair patch, cut out the damaged vinyl siding and attach the patch using adhesive caulk. Use a zip tool and a wood shim to unlock the original siding.

To use a vinyl siding repair patch:

  1. Unlock the old siding
  2. Vinyl siding is usually connected to the rows above and below it. To unlock a length of siding, insert a zip tool into the bottom of the siding and use it to remove the siding from the row below it. Run the tool along the top and the bottom of the siding piece to unlock the entire area.

  3. Remove any nails
  4. Use a wood shim or an elbow to hold the siding outward. Pry out any nails holding the siding to the house.

  5. Cut out the damaged piece
  6. Use a heavy-duty cutting tool such as tin snips to cut away the damaged area of siding.

  7. Make a patch
  8. Cut out a piece of vinyl that is slightly larger than the original piece.

  9. Attach the patch
  10. Add adhesive caulk to the back of the patch piece. Place the patch over the hole in the siding where the original damaged piece was located. If the original siding was held on with nails, nail the new piece of siding into place.

  11. Re-lock the siding
  12. Re-lock the siding with the zip tool so that the rows are interconnected.