How Do You Use Vintage Lamp Parts?


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Use vintage lamp parts in new and interesting ways like turning the shades into planters and bird feeders. You can also use the vintage parts to craft an entirely new and unique lamp.

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The process of repurposing old vintage lamp shades varies depending on which part of the shade you're using and the type of material it's made from. For instance, a glass shade can be transformed into an elegant pot for a plant. If the glass contains no holes, drill at least three into its base. Insert some bolts into the holes so that the ends face into the shade. On the outside of the shade, place a washer against the glass followed by a chain link before attaching the bolt cap. Connect the ends of all three chains not attached to the bolts with a giant key ring. Fill the shade with soil, and a plant a gorgeous flower or bird seeds. Use the chains to hang the plant from an arbor.

Mismatched vintage lamp parts can be used to make an entirely unique, new lamp. This can be done by using a phonograph horn as the shade for an empty lamp base or darkening the metal for an entirely new look.

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