How Do You Use a Vileda Mop?


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Vileda mops are first dipped into water, then wrung out and applied to a hard surface. Once soiled or dry, the mop is dipped back into the water and wrung out again before continuing. These mops gained popularity because of a foot pedal wringer on the accompanying bucket that eliminates hand wringing entirely.

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A Vileda mop has a microfiber mophead that can be machine washed after use. Its handle telescopes to increase the mop's reach. The accompanying bucket is designed as a funnel to control splashing. All Vileda mops are safe to use on wood and laminate floors.

The EasyWring & Clean Spin Mop and the EasyWring UltraMat Flat Spin Mop are the two types of Vileda mops available, as of 2015. The defining difference between the two is the shape of each mophead. The EasyWring & Clean has a traditional string mop head with a triangular shape that lends itself to corner cleaning. The EasyWring UltraMat Flat's mophead is a flat pad. In order to fit into the bucket, this mop must be collapsed using a switch on the mop's frame.

Mops and buckets can be sold individually or as part of a set. Additionally, Vileda sells replacement mop heads for both the EasyWring & Clean and EasyWring UltraMat Flat Spin Mops.

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