How Do You Use a Vicks Humidifier?


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To use a Vicks humidifier, remove the water tank from the base, fill the tank with clean water, return the tank to the base and turn on the device on. The Vicks manufacturer site provides downloadable manuals for each device detailing care and operation instructions.

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Humidifiers use water to create a cool mist or a warm vapor depending on the style of humidifier. The water should be clean and marked as distilled, says the EPA Humidifier Fact Sheet. The sheet also states that demineralised or low mineral water should be used. This type of water prevents mineral deposits on the humidifier. If mineral deposits occur, the humidifier vapor is reduced and can cause the machine to stop working.

To ensure proper operation, the user should clean filters, fans, and other working parts of the humidifier. If the humidifier is a model that uses filters or cassette cartridges, these parts should be replaced routinely according to the filter instructions. Water should not be allowed to stand in the tank for long period of time and should be clean for each use, accord to the EPA.

If the user needs to bring the room to a specific humidity level, a hygrometer is necessary. Hygrometers are available in digital options.

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