How Do You Use Tung Oil to Refinish Furniture?


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You can apply the oil with a cheesecloth pad, a brush or a cotton cloth that's clean. Ensure that you apply a large amount of oil straight on to the wood. Spread the oil with circular motions, making sure that the entire surface is covered. Wait about 10 minutes for the wood to absorb the oil. If the wood absorbs all of the oil, add more, and wait another 10 minutes. With a separate cloth, wipe the excess oil.

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Wait an entire day for the first coat of oil to dry before adding more coats. Each layer needs a day to dry off before another one can be applied. Some individuals use up to 10 layers to ensure that the wood is protected.

If the surface you're planning on using the oil on has old paint, strip it down before beginning the process, then sand the wood a little bit. After this, wipe it clean to remove the dust. You can use a cloth with denatured alcohol, but if you do, you have to also clean it with water and soap, and allow some time for the wood to dry, If you wish, you can also stain the surface before proceeding with the oil. This helps give the surface an even color.

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