How Do You Use a Tree Shredding Machine?

How Do You Use a Tree Shredding Machine?

To use a tree shredding machine, or wood chipper, use proper safety equipment, follow all manufacturer instructions and keep the area clear of debris. When using the machine, always keep in mind how to quickly activate the stop and reverse functions to avoid accidents.

Wear safety glasses to protect one's eyes from airborne wood chips and a hard hat to protect against larger pieces that may fly out of the chipper. Wood chippers produce a high sustained volume of noise, so use ear protection as well. Steel-toed work boots can protect feet from dropped wood.

Wear tight clothing to avoid snagging on the machine. Roll up long sleeves, and remove any accessories that can get caught, such as jewelry, belts and straps. Tie up any long hair, and tuck it under a hat. Consider using a beard net for long beards.

Turn the machine on by following the manufacturer instructions, and use caution when feeding wood into the machine. Feed in pieces slowly to avoid back ups that lead to unwanted discharges, and break down any excessively large pieces before feeding them into the machine. Never reach into the chipper. If needed, use a branch or pole, such as a broomstick, to push materials down into the machine.

Sweep away chips as they collect around the machine. Chips and other debris around the chipper can be trip hazards.