How Do You Use a Traeger Grill?

How Do You Use a Traeger Grill?

To use a Traeger grill, fill the hopper with pellets, turn the grill on briefly to move pellets to the fire pot, line the drip pan, heat the grill on the smoke setting, and preheat at the recipe temperature. Cook food items on the grill with the lid shut.

  1. Fill the hopper with pellets

    Turn the power switch to the off position, and plug the power cord into a standard outlet. Open the pellet bin, and make sure the auger at the bottom does not contain any packaging or foreign materials. Fill the bin with commercial wood pellets designed for pellet grills and smokers.

  2. Charge the auger

    Set the grill to high if it has manual controls or to 300 degrees Fahrenheit if the controls are digital. Wait for the auger to move the first pellets into the fire pot. This takes about five minutes. Listen for the sound of the pellets dropping, and then turn the unit off.

  3. Line the drip pan with aluminum foil

    Press heavy duty aluminum foil onto the surface of the drip pan starting at the large end.

  4. Heat the grill

    Turn the grill on at the smoke setting. Wait six minutes for the pellets to flame and the heating rod to reach full temperature.

  5. Set the cooking temperature

    Turn the controls to the proper temperature for the recipe or items that are being prepared. Wait 10 minutes for the grill to come to the proper temperature.

  6. Grill the food

    Place the items being cooked on the grill. Shut the lid, and set a timer for the proper amount of cooking time.