How Do You Use the Tower Garden by Juice Plus?


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To use the Tower Garden, you first need to set it up, using the components contained in the package, including the seed starter kit and plant food. The structure itself takes less than 30 minutes to assemble, and instructions are included with the package. After setting up the tower, you then start growing seedlings separately from the tower, and in a week or two, transplant them. You may also purchase seedlings at your local garden store.

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Once you transplant the seedlings to your Tower Garden, the only thing left to do is maintain the system. This involves monitoring water and pH levels, maintaining the nutrient solution for the plants and cleaning the pump filter.

In the Tower Garden system, a solution of water and nutrients, not soil, is the growing agent for the plants. The Tower Garden contains a 20-gallon storage tank at the bottom, which stores the nutrient solution. Inside the tank is a low-wattage pump that pushes the solution through a hose to the top of the tower. Then the solution filters all the way through the tower, nourishing plant roots that are exposed. The solution is oxygenated as it falls, and the process is repeated.

Once the Tower Garden has been set up, your role is primarily to maintain the system as the plants grow. When produce is ready, cut it from the tower.

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