How Do You Use the Toro Sprinkler System?


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Use the Toro sprinkler system by installing the accompanying satellites and connection systems to an existing irrigation network and linking it to the Sentinel management software or a localized control panel. This program allows you to monitor water usage and set detailed watering times for the entire system or specific zones, whereas the control panel performs the same task over smaller areas.

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Toro sprinkler management systems allow you to remotely control an irrigation network through either a handheld console or home computer, depending on the scope of the area. The Sentinel program works with up to 999 different locations, making it a common choice for large estates and commercial compounds, though it does support installation on home sprinkler systems. The program allows you to map out your coverage area and monitor the water flow to custom sections, and it generates reports on water usage and activity. It also supports interactions with telephones and fiber optics networks.

The handheld system requires the installation of a sensor at the main water source, which connects wirelessly to the control device. It allows you to set timers for sprinkler activity and track the intensity and flow style of the water on supported sprinkler devices. Some models also feature tools for tracking performance and setting up unique activity zones within the irrigation system, such as a front yard and a back yard on separate controls. Many also include tools to sense rainfall and cancel automated actions.

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