How Do You Use a Topsoil Calculator?

To use a topsoil calculator, enter the coverage area and the desired soil depth. The tool can then calculate how much topsoil is needed to cover the area.

A topsoil calculator is an easy way to add soil or mulch to garden plots. Many home improvement chains offer free topsoil and mulch calculation tools on their official websites to help customers estimate how much soil or mulch they need for their outdoor spaces. To use these basic tools, run through the following steps.

  1. Find a topsoil calculator
  2. Find a topsoil calculator online. For example, both The Home Depot and Lowe's offer topsoil and mulch calculators.

  3. Enter the area of the spaces

    Multiply the length and the width of the space to calculate square yardage.

  4. Add the desired depth
  5. Enter the desired depth of the soil or mulch into the calculator.

  6. Enter the material type
  7. Choose the desired material type, such as topsoil, wood mulch, rubber mulch, straw or pine needles.

  8. Calculate the amount
  9. Select the calculate option to determine the amount of topsoil or mulch. The tool then calculates the volume of soil required to fill the space. Some calculators, such as the Lowe's calculator, also offer an option to calculate the amount by bags, bales or truckloads.