How Do You Use a Tile Steam Cleaner to Clean Grout?

How Do You Use a Tile Steam Cleaner to Clean Grout?

To steam clean grout using a multipurpose steam cleaner, spray with a jet of steam, attach the nylon brush and scrub the joints. Use the wire brush to remove stubborn stains, and rinse thoroughly. The time needed to complete the project depends on the size of the area you are cleaning.

  1. Shower the grout with steam

    Turn on the unit, and allow it to heat until it reaches the proper operating temperature. Use the steam nozzle to blast the grout lines with steam. While this does not remove a great deal of dirt, it starts soaking the debris, making it easier to clean later.

  2. Scrub with a nylon brush

    Allow the unit to build steam pressure again. Attach the nylon cleaning brush. Use it to scrub the grout lines, paying careful attention to corners and hard-to-reach areas.

  3. Use caution with the metal brush

    The metal brush should be your last resort. While it is powerful at cleaning away stains, it scratches surfaces. Smooth-surfaced ceramic tile is particularly susceptible. Only resort to this tool if the stain is not removed using other techniques.

  4. Rinse the debris away

    Rinse each section as you complete the cleaning process to keep the soil from drying on the grout.