How Do You Use a Tile Leveling System?


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Use the Raimondi tile leveling system by applying the adhesive, setting the spacers on all four sides, tapping the tile into place with a rubber mallet and applying the wedges onto the spacers with the special pliers. Once the adhesive sets, remove the wedges and spacers, using the pliers, toe of a boot or rubber mallet. Tile leveling systems use different methods for installing the spacers, so follow the instruction manual the manufacturer supplies with the system.

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A floor that is uneven or has other imperfections makes it difficult to set large, thin or flexible tiles with the edges even. Tile leveling systems adjust the tiles on all four sides so the adhesive provides support and the adjacent tiles are level. A level floor is aesthetically pleasing, and the system makes it easier to install.

The Raimondi system uses special pliers to set the wedges. When using these pliers, the installer must stop applying pressure before he reaches the breaking point of the tile. When applying large or rectangular tiles, it is sometimes necessary to place additional spacers and wedges in the center of the tile to ensure it remains level. The wedges for this set are reusable, but each new job requires additional spacers because the bottoms remain in place under the flooring while the tops break off flush with the top of the tiles.

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