How Do You Use the Thompson WaterSeal Stain?

How Do You Use the Thompson WaterSeal Stain?

Use Thompson's WaterSeal stain to add a layer of protection to a surface by applying it with an exterior paint pad, brush, roller or compression sprayer. Before applying it, thoroughly clean the surface by removing dust, dirt, mildew stains and grease. Work from top to bottom or side to side in small areas to ensure even application, and keep the leading edges wet to avoid lines and lap marks.

Thompson's recommends that customers complete a trial patch on a small area before starting the project to ensure that the finished color meets their expectations. For the best application, do not apply the stain on hot days or in direct sunlight.

Thompson's WaterSeal stain is designed for use on wooden outdoor surfaces, such as decks, fences, outdoor furniture and exterior wood. One coat of WaterSeal protects decks for three years, and it protects fences and wooden siding for four years when properly applied.

Drying time varies based on temperature and humidity levels, but the surface should be dry to the touch within two hours of application. Since rags and other materials soaked with WaterSeal can combust, it is important to carefully dispose of these items.

As of 2015, customers can visit to view other Thompson's products. The website also features detailed directions and an instructional video.