How Do You Use a Thickness Planer?


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Before inserting lumber inside the thickness planer, switch the planer on, and set the depth adjustment crank to the needed thickness. Usually, you can set the value from 1/32 to 1/8-inch. Put on protective goggles, a safety mask and ear protection. Start inserting lumber into the thickness planer. Don't try to speed the process up by pulling lumber out of the other side of the machine. Keep lumber at the same height on both sides of the planer while working.

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After you finish working with one side of the lumber, plan its other side, as this helps to keep a universal moisture content in the wood and prevents it from warping. Depending on the thickness of lumber you want to achieve, you may need to process each piece several times.

The best place for a planer is near an outlet, as using extension cords with this type of equipment can be dangerous. Make sure that the power cords of the planer can't get damaged when you are working. Plan enough space to the front and back of the planer to fit lumber there. Don't position power equipment near pipes or plumbing fixtures. Before starting to work, make sure that the base of the planer is securely attached to the work table.

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