How Do You Use Termite Stakes?

How Do You Use Termite Stakes?

To use termite stakes, bait the stakes with food, and check the stakes regularly. Upon spotting termites, switch the food with an active ingredient that kills the termites and their nest mates. The installation process should take a few hours, and then 10 to 15 minutes each week to check the stakes for termite activity.

  1. Install the stakes into the soil

    Install the baited stakes around a home or building. Space them out so the termites will be likely to find them. Any shady area or wood piles where termites might gather are also a good place to install the stakes.

  2. Check the stakes regularly

    Inspect the stakes at least twice a month or weekly if you live in a warm climate.

  3. Install active killing ingredient

    When the termites attack the station and eat the bait, insert the cellulose device containing the active ingredient to kill the termites. As long as the termites continue to feed from the source, make sure there is a fresh device of active ingredient present.

  4. Remove the active ingredient

    When there are no more termites present, remove the active ingredient, reinstall the baited stakes and begin the process again.