How Do You Use a Tamale Rolling Machine?

To use a standard tamale rolling machine, fill one of the two cylinders with prepared masa and the other with the prepared tamale filling of choice, then engage either the manual or electric press to push the rolled tamales out of a tube. With no machine, making a large batch of tamales is a time-consuming process that often takes an entire day. In contrast, the Electric Tamale Machine by BE&SCO Manufacturing produces up to 200 dozen tamales per hour.

When using a manual tamale rolling machine, it is necessary to turn a handle to press the masa and filling out in tamale form, while the electric machine completes this function automatically. A tamale rolling machine saves time by uniformly surrounding the filling with the masa, a process that is traditionally done by hand. However, a tamale machine does not wrap the tamales in corn husks to prepare them for steaming; this part of the process must be done manually.

The masa for tamales is made of corn flour mixed with lard or vegetable shortening and traditional fillings, added either alone or in combination. Fillings include meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. A tamale steamer is a helpful tool for cooking tamales prepared by a tamale rolling machine.