How Do You Use a Tabletop Lazy Susan?

Homeowners can use the tabletop lazy Susan by placing it on a countertop or table surface and spinning it to get plates of food from one section of a table to another. A tabletop lazy Susan is generally round in shape and is set on a larger round table. As the lazy Susan moves around the table, various dishes are made accessible to diners sitting on various ends.

The tabletop lazy Susan is generally found in various types of Chinese restaurants located both within China and in international locations. This table setting is commonly used for dim sum, though it is also often found in formal Chinese restaurants. The tabletop lazy Susan can be constructed from various materials, including wood, glass or plastic. In addition to restaurant and meal settings, the tabletop lazy Susan is also usable as a cake decorating turntable. Smaller versions of the item can also serve as rotating platforms for various types of electronics, such as a television or a monitor screen.

While the tabletop lazy Susan is commonly used in Chinese cuisine, it is a product that is generally thought to have been invented in America. The first reference to a lazy Susan device was made in the 1903 edition of the Boston Journal.