How Do You Use a Tablecloth Size Guide?


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Before using a tablecloth size guide, it is necessary to know the shape and dimensions of the table. Once these measurements are determined, the tablecloth guide will give the size based on the dimensions of different table shapes. When measuring the table for the appropriate tablecloth size, another factor to consider is the drop length of the tablecloth.

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How Do You Use a Tablecloth Size Guide?
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The standard drop length of a tablecloth is approximately 8 inches. However, there are longer drop lengths available, such as a floor length of approximately 30 inches. There are also formulas to determine desired drop lengths.

The most common table shapes are rectangular, square and round. However, there also are oval-shaped tables. To find the dimensions of the table, use a tape measure and take either the diameter for a round or the length and width for a rectangular table.

For example, a rectangular table that measures 54 inches by 92 inches may require a standard tablecloth that measures 70 inches by 108 inches, according to a guide or chart. Similarly, for a 54 inch round table, an appropriate tablecloth length may be 70 inches. However, it is possible to get another size if a person wants a longer drop length.

Another method to choose the correct tablecloth size is to use a calculator. The calculator requires inputting data, such as table shape, dimensions and desired drop length.

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