How Do You Use a T-Square?

To use a T-square, place it flat on a drawing board, secure it in place and use it in conjunction with other drawing tools to create the desired shape. The general usage of a T-square takes only a few minutes and requires the T-square, paper, a pencil and a drawing board. A square, triangle or French curve may be necessary for other shapes.

  1. Place the T-square

    Place the T-square flat on the drawing board with the head resting at a 90-degree angle against the edge of the table.

  2. Secure the T-square

    If working on a slanting drafting table, secure the T-square by fastening it in the slider at the top of the table.

  3. Draw vertical lines

    Make sure the T-square and paper are lined up at a direct 90-degree angle to each other. Draw your pencil along the blade of the T-square to create a vertical line.

  4. Draw horizontal lines

    Place the drawing square flush with the blade of the T-square,and use this to measure the parallel lines horizontally across the paper. Move the T-square so that it now aligns with the marks, and draw the pencil down the blade to make the line. Move the T-square to the next measurement, and repeat.

  5. Draw continuous curves

    Draw a faint free hand curve in the desired location. Move the T-square to the bottom of this arc. Place a French curve flush with the blade, and use it to draw the continuous curve.