How Do You Use Symons Concrete Wall Forms?

To use Symons concrete wall forms, measure the dimensions of the wall, and begin driving stakes at the corner sections. Use a guiding string between the stakes to determine where to dig, and begin digging the area along the wall at least 1 foot down. When building on a slope, check the bottom of the hole to ensure flatness.

Once done, measure out pieces of plywood, and cut them until they stand at the planned height of the walls. Stack these pieces of plywood until they stretch along the entire area of the wall. When the perimeter is established, attach the blocks of wood inside the plywood sections at intervals of 2 feet, as these guiding section prevent the concrete from cracking.

With the molds in place, set the form into the holes, and make sure that it settles flat and level. As you pour, secure the ground with weight and stakes to provide the concrete with ample security, as concrete needs a wire mesh or some other system to provide it with strength. Begin mixing the concrete, and when it is ready, pour it as evenly and quickly into the sections as you can. Be as uniform and careful as possible to avoid different sections of the wall drying faster than others.