How Do You Use a Swiffer WetJet?


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Use a Swiffer WetJet by inserting four AA batteries into the battery compartment, attaching the mop pad, and sliding a bottle of cleaning solution into the compartment. Spray the solution onto the floor, and mop until the floors are clean.

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  1. Insert the batteries

    Remove the cover on the battery compartment. Insert four AA batteries in the direction indicated on the compartment. Slip the cover back in place.

  2. Attach the mop pad

    Align the mop pad with the Swiffer WetJet with the printed side facing the mop.

  3. Attach the cleaning solution

    Place the bottle of cleaning solution into the cleaning compartment, with the top of the bottle facing the floor.

  4. Mop the floor

    Squirt the cleaning solution onto a small area of the floor. Push the mop in a back and forth motion, allowing the pad to absorb the water and pick up any dirt.

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