How Do You Use a Swiffer Wet Mop?

Point the Swiffer WetJet at the area you wish to clean and press the button on the handle. The button shoots cleaning liquid out of the mop. Mop the Swiffer WetJet's mop head back and forth over the floor to clean the area. A special starter kit that breaks down stains and preserves surfaces is available for wood floors.

You must assemble the Swiffer WetJet and install the batteries before you can use it. Attach the handle to the central pole and the central pole to the mop head. If the handle is already assembled, pull it out until it clicks and locks in the extended position.

Locate the area that holds the cleaning supply, open the cover on the battery area and insert the batteries. Swiffer products typically require four AA batteries. Next, insert the cleaning liquid bottle into the holder. Older models require the bottle to be turned before it locks into place, while newer models puncture a seal on the top of the bottle.

Take a fresh cleaning pad and remove the paper strips to reveal the adhesive surface. Stick the pad to the mop head and test the Swiffer WetJet on a section of flooring. To change the batteries, remove the cleaner and insert fresh batteries before replacing the cleaner bottle.