How Do You Use Super Sod?


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To use Super-Sod, calculate the amount of sod you need, remove rocks and existing vegetation, fertilize the soil, schedule sod delivery, water the soil, and lay the sod on damp soil. This process takes several days and requires a rake, a rototiller, gardening gloves, a hose, a lawn sprinkler, measuring tape and writing supplies.

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  1. Calculate the amount of sod required

    Measure the area you wish to cover with sod. Write down your measurements, and multiply the length by the width. The result is the total area you need to cover.

  2. Clean and grade the soil

    Put on gardening gloves, and inspect the soil. Remove all vegetation, rocks, sticks, animal remains, litter and other objects. Churn the soil with a rototiller to a depth of 6 inches, and grade the soil so that it slopes down and away from nearby buildings. This promotes proper drainage.

  3. Fertilize the soil

    Add compost or fertilizer to the soil if you desire.

  4. Water the soil

    Water the soil heavily, and check for areas of standing water. Adjust the soil's grading to improve the drainage, or fill in low spots with topsoil.

  5. Order the Super-Sod

    Order the Super-Sod when your soil is ready for it, and schedule delivery on a date when you are available to plant the sod immediately.

  6. Lay the Super-Sod

    Pile the sod in a shady place, and water the soil. Begin unrolling the sod at one end of the prepared space, working in the longest lines possible. Lay the sod in parallel strips, and do not leave any space between them. If you have excess sod at the end of a strip, excise it with a sharp knife.

  7. Water the Super-Sod

    Water the Super-Sod immediately after you lay the final strip. Water it daily for several weeks. After every watering, pick up one corner of a sod strip, and feel the underlying soil. If the soil is not moist, water the sod again.

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