How Do You Use a Stud Finder?

How Do You Use a Stud Finder?

To use a stud finder, hold down the function button on the device, and drag it across the wall until it beeps or lights up. You need a stud finder, a tape measure and a pencil.

  1. Turn on the device

    Place the finder against the wall, and press one or both of the side buttons.

  2. Find a stud

    Run the device along the wall until it beeps.

  3. Measure to the right and left

    Measure 6 inches to the right and left of where the device found the stud.

  4. Find the sides of the stud

    Place the stud finder on the right measurement, and move the device to the left until it beeps. Mark the spot to indicate where the right side of the stud is, and then repeat with the left side.