How Do You Use a StrikeMaster Ice Auger?

To use a StrikeMaster Lazer Synthetic Ultra-Lite ice auger, place the auger on the ice, and exert firm downward pressure. StrikeMaster offers several types of ice augers, and instructions vary depending on the type. Each ice auger's owner's manual provides operating instructions, and these manuals are available on, as of 2015.

As long as the ice auger has sharp blades, you don't need much force to use it. If it isn't working, tilt the auger to one side slightly to shave the ice at a different angle.

For augers with a motor, turn on the auger, and put the choke lever in the start position. Pull the recoil to start the engine, and put the choke lever to the run position. Give the auger a couple of minutes to warm up before using it. Hold the handle tightly, and get in a stable position. Place the auger on the ice, and let it cut.

To view an owner's manual on, visit the homepage, and place the cursor over the StrikeMaster Ice Augers logo. On the drop-down menu that appears, click a type of ice auger. On the page for that type, click a model. On the product page, click Downloads, and click the product's owner's manual to open it as a PDF.

Alternatively, visit the homepage, and click Customer Service. Click Owner's Manuals under the Product Info heading. The Owner's Manual page provides manuals for all of the brand's ice augers.