How Do You Use a Steamed Pudding Pan?


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Cooks use steamed pudding pans to cook a pudding on top of the stove. The cook places the pan or mold in a larger pot filled with water.

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Steamed pudding is a traditional English dessert, often prepared with fruit such as plums, apples or figs. A lidded steamed pudding pan serves as both the cooking pan and a mold for the pudding. The cook needs to heavily grease the pan before placing the pudding mixture of fruit, sugar, butter and flour in it. This critical step will ensure that the pudding slips easily out of the mold.

To make sure the completed pudding isn't lopsided, the pudding pan should sit on top of something, not directly in the large pot or pan of water. The pan can rest atop an empty can, steaming basket or rack. Another tip cooks follow so that the pudding isn't lopsided is to weight the pudding pan lid with either bean or pie weights.

Martha Stewart's website has a recipe for a caramel apple steamed pudding, which starts by coating the pudding pan with caramel before adding the apples and batter. The finished pudding, when unmolded, has a crown of apples. This pudding is simmered on the stove for about 1 hour 40 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

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