How Do You Use Spray Foam Insulation in Metal Buildings?


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Apply spray-foam insulation as a liquid on the inside of a metal frame structure. Expanding to 20 times its volume in seconds, it helps prevent moisture-related problems common when using traditional insulation in metal frame structures because of its superior air-sealing characteristics.

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How Do You Use Spray Foam Insulation in Metal Buildings?
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Applied as a spray, this type of insulation goes on semi-rigid because of its open-cell structure, and it insulates and air-seals simultaneously. As it hits the air, the liquid from the spray expands into the open-cell mass that adheres to the structure. Once applied, the material remains flexible throughout the life of the structure. As the building expands and contracts with heat or cold, the spray-foam insulation expands and contracts with it without breaking the seals. It not only goes on easier and can be installed faster than traditional insulation, but it also eliminates one of the major causes of structure deterioration, which is the moisture that moves into the walls and is trapped there.

The material adheres as well to metal studs and frames as to other surfaces, such as wood and cement board, making it extremely versatile. It is also non-corrosive, and it is neither acidic nor alkaline, so it does not cause corrosion to metal studs or frames. Because of its super-adhesive quality, it easily covers and protects areas such as window and door frames.

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