How Do You Use a Spiralizer Kitchen Tool?


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To use a spiralizing kitchen gadget, place a vegetable or fruit snugly between the two clamp ends, then turn the crank handle. As the vegetable rotates, a stationary blade slices the vegetable into long strands resembling wheat noodles.

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Spiralizers are medium-sized kitchen tools, usually about the size of a toaster. When in use, the spiralizer sits directly on the counter top, and some models have built-in plates to catch the vegetable noodles. One of the primary benefits of the spiralizer is speed, as it dramatically cuts down chopping and slicing time. Many chefs and diners also like the elegant look of spiralized vegetables more than simpler cuts.

Produce items compatible with the spiralizer are firm. For example, zucchini, sweet potatoes and green apples perform well. On the other hand, the spiralizer destroys rather than slices very juicy or soft foods. Items like bananas, eggplant, and ripe pears are not suitable for spiralizing.

Spiralized vegetables work well in a variety of dishes, particularly salads, casseroles, and saucy dishes. Substitute wheat noodles with spiralized vegetables to increase daily vegetable servings and add flavor. Dress up ordinary salads with vegetable or fruit noodles. Fry thin potato spirals to reduce the greasiness of traditional fried potato recipes.

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