How Do You Use a Spin Mop?

Use a spin mop by first filling the mop bucket to the full water level line. Place the head of the mop into the water and allow it to get properly drenched. The mop is advertised as being able to absorb up to 10 times its weight in water.

Next, place the head of the mop into the wringing apparatus of the bucket. Hold the mop handle at a 90-degree angle to the mop head and begin to step repeatedly on the pedal that extends from the bottom of the bucket. The pedal is designed to spin the wringing apparatus which in turn dries the mop head using the centrifugal force created by the spinning wringer.

Reviewers of the mop state that it takes a few steps on the pedal in order to get the wringer spinning at a proper velocity to wring out the mop. Once the mop has achieved the desired dryness, remove it from the wringer and begin mopping the floor as if it were any other mop.

The mop can also be used as a duster by forgoing the wetting steps and using it dry. Dirty mop heads can be removed from the mop handle and machine-washed on a gentle washing cycle using warm water and normal laundry detergent. Spin mop heads should never be dried using an automatic dryer.