How Do You Use a Speed Square?

How Do You Use a Speed Square?

A speed square can be used in several practical ways: as a tri square, miter square, protractor, line scriber or saw guide. The versatile speed square, originally made to measure roof rafters, is a tool used by carpenters for a variety of projects.

In order to use a speed square:

  • Use as a try square
  • Use the speed square to mark lines that are straight, square and 90 degrees. The tool has a lipped edge to provide quick and accurate measurements.

  • Use as a miter square
  • The speed square is an isosceles triangle, which measures exactly at 45 degrees at its diagonal edge.

  • Use as a protractor
  • The speed square has degree graduations to make reading and marking angles easy. Along the diagonal edge, each marking represents the degree from zero to 90. To establish a certain degree, hold the pivot point against the board until the desired graduation mark aligns with the edge of the board. Draw a line along the square opposite the diagonal edge.

  • Use as a line scriber
  • Use the two rows of notches to make parallel lines to the board for measuring cuts precisely.

  • Use as a saw guide
  • Use the speed square as a straight-edge guide for portable circular saw cuts.