How Do You Use Spectracide?

How Do You Use Spectracide?

Spectracide's Solution Center provides usage instructions for each of its products to customers online. The company produces more than 60 different pest and weed control products, as of 2015.

The Spectracide Solution Center features a Pest Guidebook that lists the most common bug and lawn disease problems. It features extensive information about how to solve these problems, and it allows customers to ask questions directly to Spectracide staff about the company's products, if necessary.

  1. Visit Spectracide's website
  2. Go to Spectracide's website from a browser, and click on the "Products & Solutions" link in the header menu.

  3. Select a solution type
  4. Click the drop-down menu in the "Solution Center" box on the right side of the page, and select a solution type, such as "Outdoor Insects," "Home Invading Insects," "Wood Destroying Insects," "Tough Brush" or "Lawn Disease and Fungus." Click the "Find a Solution" button.

  5. Select a pest
  6. Review the Pest Guidebook page of the solution desired, and click the image of the pest causing the problem. For example, the Outdoor Insects solution page has options to choose from insects such as ants, chiggers, crickets, hornets and stink bugs.

  7. View the pest solution page
  8. The Pest Guidebook will display the relevant Spectracide products, and it will include a brief description of the pest. For more information on these products, watch the video on the page.

  9. Find a solution
  10. Click the "Find the Best Solution for You" button. The page displays Spectracide products at the top to choose from. For assistance on choosing the correct product, answer the questions on the page to narrow the search. The products at the top will adjust to match the answers provided without the page reloading. Click the desired product for information about it.

  11. View product instructions
  12. The "Product Info" tab of the product page displays its usage instructions. Click the "Question and Answer" tab to read customer questions and staff answers about the product. Search this section if necessary by typing a question in the "Search Q&A" field. To ask a new question, click the "Ask a New Question" button, and complete the form on the "Ask Your Question" page to submit it.